What To Do While Waiting!

All of us have been in one or more waiting periods. Currently, everyone is looking forward to when the world will reopen and activities will return to normal.

Often times, we miss out on the opportunities that come with the waiting period. Patience is one of the core fruits we need to imbibe in such seasons but we must know that we need to have a good attitude while waiting.

Waiting has a posture!

Most times, when you have a lot of free time you tend to procrastinate. So, are you waiting for job, an admission… just anything.
Don’t sit idle! Do something!

Some of the things you can do include:

1. Reflect

2. Read

3. Write

4. Rest

5. Learn a skill

6. Spend time with family and friends

7. Pray

Amongst others…

Let me use this scriptural analogy between Jesus and three of his disciples.

When Jesus went to pray with three of His disciples in the garden; He asked them to WAIT when he went further to pray.

Unfortunately, Peter and his brothers took the wrong waiting posture; they were sleeping! Jesus had to protest when he came around.

Don’t sleep amidst your waiting periods! It’s a core part of the next level of your life. It’s like the gap between your stimulus and the response.

Get busy! Get to know yourself more.
Don’t give up!

Stay safe, Johnstone.

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