How Johnstone Hacked Productivity.

Who is Johnstone?

Johnstone is the lead content creator for Johnstone’s Blog. He is passionate about improving individuals and communities via EdTech, Digital Tools and the Media.


The “COVID-19 break” has been a very busy period for me. In June, I participated in a week-long fellowship at Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism, thereafter we were mandated to tell the stories of underserved communities in Nigeria by tracking state and national capital expenditures.

Aside, my investigative reporting schedule and domestic routine. I’ve been freelancing as a Content Creator and Social Media Manager for a few individuals and communities, did I mention that I’ve planned and facilitated some virtual events?

The schedule has been quite stressful but I’ll be sharing with you how I’ve been able to be productive amidst the schedule.

Having Deadlines

Working with deadlines has been of great help to me. I put in place deadlines for every task so that I won’t get to stay on one for a long time.

Deadlines help you to get work done. This works identically to engineering fake pressure, but it’s worth mentioning as its own point simply because of how powerful setting deadlines can be.

Leveraging Digital Tools

Digital tools helped me to improve productivity. I use different tools for different reasons.

Making a List and Setting Goals.

Daily goal setting helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety of having to juggle multiple tasks in any given day. When you set daily goals for yourself, you outline just what you plan to get done, and how much energy you should assert towards each task, giving you a roadmap for the day.

Utilizing my Commuting Periods

Oftentimes, I’ve found myself on the transit going from one location to another. Instead of sitting and looking through the window or at the passengers. I take out my device or my notepad and I get to work.

Saying NO

It’s quite hard to say no! But His grace has appeared and taught me how to say NO! You can’t do everything; sometimes all you need to do is just politely decline or outsource.

Doing it NOW!

Why do you want to do it later when you can do it now? Procrastination steals a lot of our time and it’s one of the ingredients that effectively produce unproductivity. If you want to write, do it now! If you need to rest; switch off your phone and rest.

Productive Procrastination

Maybe you are quite tired for the days work and you can’t do a particular task. Instead of just working aimlessly on the social media streets, why not do something that will be of value to your life?

All of these and many other productivity hacks are habits that we all need to build; Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.

Always remember that, every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.

Stay productive!

How about I learn from you? Send me your own experiences, what are your productivity hacks?


1. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

2. Getting Things Done by David Allen

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