Overcoming Low Self-Confidence: The Bold Step to Success

It is true that life presents us with different situations and obstacles as we thread in it. However what defines our success on this journey is the level of confidence we face each day with and how much determination we have towards success.
According to Christina Grimmie ” Confidence is not “They will like me”. Confidence is “I will be fine even if they don’t”. Most times It’s not about what they say of you, it’s about how much effort you make towards getting it right with or without their support.
We live in a society today where many young people feel frustrated, lost, unfulfilled, and seem to be constantly fighting an uphill battle of who they are ( i.e. an intense identity crisis).
This has, unfortunately, left many of them grappling with a false sense of identity which has lead to so many challenging societal issues. Research by Psychology Today states that ”Millennials are reporting the highest levels of clinical depression, anxiety, stress, and I dare to add suicide.
Identity influences every aspect of our lives, it forms our being, it drives our looks, self-esteem, self-worth, our lifestyles, friendships and relationships. But the truth is this – it is only in a relationship with the one who created and fashioned our existence that we truly discover our true identity, become whole and live a life of purpose.
In as much as we won’t want to admit, self-confidence has raised to become one of the major threats to destiny fulfilment, so many highly creative, innovative and industrious young people are not where they should be yet simply because the lack self confidence. In Odinaka’s words, these young people sometimes know the thing, but how to do the thing is the thing!
How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it for yourself? How much value are you placing on yourself? These are deep questions you must answer on your way to overcoming self-confidence. You must understand that confidence comes naturally with success, however, success only comes with those who are confident, confident enough to make a move, confident enough to address an issue and confident enough to add value on yourself and others.
The big question whoever will be; How do I overcome low self-confidence?
1. Purpose Discovery: Discovring your purpose gives you clarity to who you are and what you can and cannot do. It gives a clear definition to your identity. It gives your a clear pathway and also directs your energy to the right channels.
2. Avoid toxic relationships: Comments or actions made by people in your life can inadvertently affect how you perceive yourself. It can cause you to second guess your entire being. A friend once shared how much negativity hit here all through her life simply because her mom kept calling her lazy right from childhood, it limited her level of productivity until the day she took the bull by the horn and built the confidence to dare that challenge.
3. Stop unhealthy comparison: Sometimes it’s not pain caused by others that contributes to low self-esteem, but it’s the pressure we place on ourselves. Always remember Psalm 139:14, ‘I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.’ Have you heard your mom tell you “Can’t you see how XYZ children are behaving? Or probably why can’t you behave like XYZ Children for once in your life?
One major thing that also limits our self-confidence level is the “Jeremiah’s Complex” ; The “I’m just a youth” mindset! Trust me, this sometimes, stops us from achieving what God has called of us. I guess that’s one of the reasons why we have the stories of King David and King Josiah in the Bible. Who said being a youth is a limitation to achieving more? It’s about you and the actions you take, the moment you become serious everyone because serous with you and even if they don’t keep being serious until you produce results. The results you produce always answers the “Why and the How comes? ” You need to always know that God qualifies and equips those He calls. Always be aware of your identity; spend time studying God’s words and talking to God through prayers, don’t neglect the gathering of brethren.
It’s cool to note that confidence is contagious, but well so is lack of confidence. Be mindful of the people you spend most of your time with, the things you hear sometimes inspires the things you think and also say. When you hang around confident people, your confidence level is likely going to rise, you should try it.
Another fact is, doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will, it’s about being real with yourself, not perfect. You must learn to always tell yourself the truth, by so doing you unconsciously increase your confidence level. Don’t give up! You’ll definitely raise your self-confidence level but it will only cost you the confidence to take action now.

Kind regards,

Johnstone Kpilaakaa

Odinaka Kingsley Obeta

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