What Makes Money to Grow?

What Makes Money to Grow?

Last week I attended a virtual summit. During the summit my favorite financial literacy coach, Christine Vihishima shared on what makes money to grow. In this blog, I’ll be sharing some of the nuggets I curated from her teachings with you so as to boost your productivity.

Many times when people come to me for help with their finances they are are quick to ask me what they should invest in.. However over time I have come to understand that there are basic foundational principles of money that one must have in order to even be able to make the right investment choices.

Literally, money doesn’t grow on trees, but how about we look at money growth as a tree with branches and potential fruits on it? Hold that thought.

Young adults face the challenge of money growth because they have not grasped the principles of keeping, spending, making, and multiplying money.

For your money to multiply (grow), it must be working for you. It is the reverse most times for us though. We are working for money instead of our money working for us. Thus, we become slaves to money and it becomes our master. That is why we are daily on the chase to “hustle”. This is why we are perpetually broke.

Did you know that research shows that if you saved 20k every month from the age of 20 years at an annual interest rate of 10% you would have saved about 211 million naira By the time it’s due for you to retire?

Do you also know that the possession of wealth does not automatically mean that you have financial literacy? In fact, it is the possession of financial literacy that brings you wealth.

Now the big question is how can we as youths grow our money?

I’m sure you are waiting to hear me say “entrepreneurship”.

Well, that is one way, but until you grasp other principles, you’ll be such an unsuccessful entrepreneur. You know why? Because if you do not have your personal finances in check, chances are that your business will fail woefully.

Because you will apply the same wrong strategies to your business finances and that will lead to failure and loss.

Here are five strategies to grow your money.
They are:

  1. Saving
  2. Budgeting
  3. Dealing with Debt
  4. Multiple streams of income
  5. Investing

These 5 strategies are the main branches of this tree that will help your money grow. If you intentionally cultivate these habits such that they become engrafted into your daily lifestyle your money tree will begin to bear fruit and then can we now say our money does grow on trees?


1. Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Christine, the Money Mechanic has a Financial Literacy Class for Beginners. The online class will come up this August. Read the flyers below for details.

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4 thoughts on “What Makes Money to Grow?”

  1. Financial literacy is really a key to unlocking wealth.
    Those 5 strategies are habits we should all engraft in our daily life.

    Thank you Johnstone for this beautiful write up.

  2. John Paul mangut

    This is such a value packed knowledge on finance, I now know better ways to now elevate and grow my money, THE MONEY MECHANIC ROCKS!!!

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