Applying Psychology to Human Interaction in Marketing.

What is Psychology?

Before any ground knowledge is shared on the topic above-mentioned, I would love to tell us what psychology is, for a better understanding of the topic.

Psychology is the study of mental process and behavior of the human mind.

Having gained insight on what psychology means, how can we as marketers apply it in our day to day interaction with customers.

Now it is also imperative to understand customers insight , behavior,or narrative why they are making buying decisions.(Customers do not make decisions in a vacuum) and the only way to do this is psychology studies.

Certain things or process should be considered in applying Psychology ,note our focus is applying Psychology in our interactions with customers, and interaction itself encompasses ,body language communication and marketing psychology.

Marketing is our quest to make change on behalf of those we serve, and we do it by understanding the irrational forces that drive each of us. – Seth Godin


This is very important as Communication is a vital skill and having it,is an added advantage to psychological marketing.

One major key marketers have in communication is words and the energy we put into our words determine how we program our buyers decisions however we can understand our customers better if we decide to listen to their words or the emotions attached to the words, just as eyes are the window to souls so are words gateway to our mind, a wise marketer will gain insight on what his customer wants and use this to improve their service or products.


Most know of this but few use it, body language itself is a power tool that we can use to determine a prospect actions. Like I said in communication that words are gateway to the mind , body language can be term along with eyes been windows to the mind, as the eyes see what is demonstrated.

As s marketer, interacting with a customer or prospect, your posture or body language matters a lot. Firstly I should emphasize on looks before giving you posture formation.

– A bright smile melts hearts
– A nice Fragrance leaves a pleasant presence of you
– A nice outfit provokes nice compliment.

Now back to body language;

– Making eye contact with a relaxed facial expressions will boost prospect trust in you, do you know that eyes and eyebrows tells amazing stories example, pupils widened when happy or interested and narrows when concerned or upset.

– If a prospect is crossing his or her arms or hunching their shoulder, it shows that they are on defense or sometime they are not, however this attribute combined with facial expressions , you can figure out their reaction and plan your next move.

Marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become. It involves creating honest stories—stories that resonate and spread – Seth Godin.

David Bankole Bidemi, Entrepreneur.


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