Learn How to Increase Your Brand Online Visibility in 3 Ways

With digital marketing, small and medium scale brands are springing forth on a daily basis. The competition has increased exponentially, the question is; how can my brand stand out in the midst of the crowd?

In the next few paragraphs, I will share with you three things that can enhance the visibility of your brand on the digital space.

1. Create SEO Friendly Content.

Every brand that uses the digital space engages in Content Marketing. It’s important that you research the keywords in your industry so as to tailor your contents strategically to enhance you visibility on search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important today than ever before. Sadly, many content creators ain’t paying attention to SEO.

Some SEO tools you can leverage on include; Google Trends, Keyworddit amongst others.

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2. Get Verified at Google My Business

During my digital skills training for Google Digital Skills For Africa, I always encourage participants who are entrepreneurs to leverage on Google My Business to boost their brand’s visibility.

Brand visibility is being present where your customers are and having what the need. Formerly, that meant a billboard on a busy interstate or an ad in the Sunday paper.

Unfortunately, traditional marketing is gradually becoming out if use. Today, it’s a Google listing on the information highway.

Have you verified your account on Google My Business? It’s absolutely FREE.

Learn How to Use Google My Business to Boost Online Visibility

3. This Thing Called Consistency.

Consistency is highly important in social media marketing and brand growth. Show up regardless of the limitation.

Create a content calendar! In my subsequent post, I’ll teach you how to create a content calendar that will work.

And the last online viability hack tip is Social Media, yay! I know I said four but this is a bonus for you. 70% of the people now are having internet access and they are using social media. Now social media is not only a platform for entertainment but it’s also a platform for sharing information. And people are sharing their reviews of product on social media and that will effect on the mind of customers who are willing to buy a product. Social Media Marketing is highly important.

Is there any other way we can use to boost our online visibility? Let’s here from you, I’m waiting for you right there at the comment box.

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