How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

So I noticed that I have been sharing digital marketing tips and other productivity guide and i can’t remember if i told you that those lessons i have been sharing, if you stay committed and master them, you can get paid by clients to provide solutions to their marketing problems.

Digital marketing is the path you should walk if you want; a career that could land you your choice of in-house or agency roles, but also lends itself to remote working and freelancing? or a career that could land you your choice of in-house or agency roles, but also lends itself to remote working and freelancing? How can you achieve this?

Before we jump on the tips, lets get this clear, what is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is that part of Marketing Strategy that can bring business to organisation using the power of digitization. In simple terms, using the website to bring leads, or promote the product.

If one is interested in starting a career, he/she should be well aware of the nature of business. Marketing is always tending towards target completing and bringing leads to an organisation.

1. Create an Online Presence

These days, when it comes to landing a job in almost any field, you might as well not exist without an online presence. For obvious reasons, this is especially true of digital marketing: a prospective employer is going to look online first to learn about applicants, and if they can’t find you, they are going to move on to the next person who has a curated image.

Create your own digital marketing blog, social media accounts that are linked to websites you have built, portfolios, etc. Show them what you are really capable of. Strategic digital positioning is very important in this case.


2. Learn & Develop the Necessary Skills

Maybe I was fast, learning should have be the first point. If you want to pursue a career in an industry at all you must be willing to learn the rudiments of that field. You cannot offer what you do not

As you move through the industry, there are many conferences (online and in real life pre-COVID-19 of course!), webinars, slack channels and groups to belong to. Some of the industry tools have set up academy’s, including SEMrush Academy which offers courses covering different skills. other basic concepts are available on Youtube. Mind it you have to learn basics not just tips.

There are 3 main modules in digital marketing SEO (Search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing), SMM (Social media marketing). Take one topic for example SEO; start exploring on the internet. Learn basic concepts. Once you are done with basic concepts of one topic start working on it; doing is one of the effective way to learn. Read blogs related to digital marketing which shares insights. You will be able to develop strategies.

Mind you, learning never ends. Go back to the number one point when you have mastered the rudiments

3. Get Out & Get Some Experience

One way you will get your career going is by gaining experience. You may have to do some unpaid jobs, but this is a worthwhile time investment with long term benefits. Using any skills you acquire, help friends or community organizations with projects, and take on all kinds of side jobs that will give you plenty of experience that you can draw on when you to start applying for long-term digital marketing jobs.

Practically implement it in an internship. Learned new things from companies. Start applying for jobs. Trust me if you are skilled and know your work. Getting a job after an internship is easy.

4. Network & Share Knowledge

COVID-19 has changed networking opportunities. Social distancing, quarantine and general concern for the industry’s well-being have quashed so many in-real-life opportunities to meet industry peers. Whether they were the big or small conferences or more local meetups, many have temporarily switched to being online. There are also slack groups, Facebook groups, Twitter chats, WhatsApp groups, Zoom webinars etc. all of these are alive and well in both formally organised settings as well as informal industry-friendly clusters.

Surround yourself with people more skilled in Digital Marketing. It is important to connect with some real people who are working in the digital marketing industry. The people you meet will be your continuous support network when you run into problems, and additionally, help to open doors to opportunities you might not have otherwise found. You will also have the capacity to learn from their experience and get a list of specialists you can use to put together a great team.

Digital marketing is no longer a luxury or ‘good to have’ option for businesses. It has become a real necessity, especially during the pandemic when consumers are no longer able to interact with brands physically.

Subsequently, I will share some of the careers in digital marketing. Will you start a career in digital marketing? or you are a digital marketer? Let me know in the comment box, I’m just curious.

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