How to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In my last post, I shared on the core pillars of social media marketing. To effectively maximize these pillars, you need to strategically put some strategies in place.

Some of these strategies include:

Understand your Goal.

Clarity of vision is very important in setting up a social media strategy.

Make a social media content publishing plan.

Compile all content in an easy-to-read content calendar. Set up a weekly, content calendar, then separate by social channel

Analyze your market then produce an enticing content.

Try to build a consistent brand image.
Show up everyday regardless of the challenges.

Keep a track of your competitors.

Before you start creating content, you should have a good idea of what your competitors are up to.

– Use social media to promote articles, videos, Infographics, etc.

Make an engaging post that can make the users comment on your post.

Most social media platforms rely on algorithms to determine what content is displayed prominently and what content is buried. Facebook and Instagram use “engagement” as a primary factor in determining what content should or should not be displayed.

Optimize Your Accounts for Engagement.

Unlike SEO, social media optimization isn’t particularly technical. That said, profiles can be optimized through imagery, keywords and fully filling out your account information.

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