Memoir: How I Got Here!

22nd August 2017 is one of the most important days on my calendar; it marks the day that I took a more intentional step to pursue a career in media and communications. I’d always wanted to be a journalist, nevertheless my mum subtly influenced me into choosing science over journalism.

While growing up, I listened to radio a lot since we didn’t have a television in our house; I was always curious of who and how he or she is speaking from that small device my mum cherished.

During my Junior Secondary School, I joined the Press Club and I was made the Editor in Chief of the School’s bulletin in JS 3; I worked under the tutelage of my Contributing Editor who was the Dean of Studies and the Language Senior Teacher; I remember publishing an investigative report revealing some ills in the school, I didn’t submit it to my Contributing Editor since I knew he would not approved it. The report went viral and my Principal had to sent for me; the rest is history

Fast forward to 2017, I came to Jos for my pre degree studies and I felt this was the right time to pursue my passion which I believe was my purpose. I used the social media to search for someone who could mentor me and I found Jonathan Makama (AKA Joey Shekwonuzhibo), I sent him a DM and he was quite kind to respond amidst my poor language and zero etiquette.

On the 22nd of August, he asked me to meet him at the University’s Main Campus, we’d a conversation for a few minutes and he asked me to sign up and intern at the Campus Radio Station; I was quite confused! He insisted, I rushed and borrowed money from one of my roommates so that I could type and print my application letter, I was later interviewed and accepted.

Since then, everyday comes with so many things to learn, re-learn and un-learn. I’m currently in my third year as a student of Biology and Education, you can see the broad distance between what I’m studying and what I’m becoming. Last year, I did a diploma in Journalism on Alison. I was also certified by Awendo Media Consultancy (now Awendo Media College) in Investigative Journalism, Rudiments of Radio Broadcasting, Use of Social Media amongst others.

Just last week, I completed a training on Accountability Journalism at Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism.

Down the years I’ve continued to learn so as to acquire mastery. Early this year, Joey told me he was going to gift me a website; It didn’t sound so real but he did it; that’s why you are here.

Dear Joey, thank you for all you’ve been to me all the years.

I officially present to you my portfolio website. It will be a compendium of what I’m learning and I’ve learnt. Thanks for been with me on this journey.

Kind regards.

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