#GetOlayideToLimerick: Why You Should Support Him


In summary, Olayide got accepted to spend 12 months at the University of Limerick. He will be learning about business and how it will strengthen his international management and global business knowledge and skills as he plans to pursue international business careers.

This has been his dream for a very long time. Personally, I have worked with him and I believe his capacity to fulfill his goal in the program which is a huge opportunity and dream come true for him as it would finally give him a chance to learn and acquire the right skills to grow the mission of The Girls Code Initiative in Africa.

Unfortunately, the program isn’t cheap. A whole 15,100 Euro as the Fees and living costs for the whole of the program.

Luckily, He has secured 5,000 Euro from a scholarship offered by a third party organization. Study Portal Netherlands together with the entirety of his savings and the help from families and friends who donated the total additional sum, he can cover is 3,000 Euro. This leaves him with a money gap which is 7,100 Euro wide to pay for his studies. So no new funds are available to him in the near future.

During one of the Girls Code Initiative’s Fire Side Chat in Jos, Nigeria

Olayide Olumeko is the co-founder of Girl’s Code Initiative a platform that equips The Girl Child to be a problem solver and risk-taker while motivating her aspirations for a future career in software development, and other relevant areas. He manages the executive team in building the next future of the workforce for Girls in Africa.

The Girls Code is in partnership with EDequity USA, Clusterkidz Nigeria, Rochas Foundation, Hope Academy, Microsoft, IBM, womenofAI.org, Changemakers Initiative, Black Innovation Hub, Tomrukihub Africa.

Through his work at Girl’s code initiative, more than 2,000 girls have been impacted since 2018 through digital literacy, collective thinking, and career mentoring into the creation of economic opportunity and sustainable resources.

He is also the Ambassador, womenofai.org in Nigeria (a global nonprofit creating women leaders in AI. With 6,000+ members in 10+ countries) where he leads the inclusion of AI for young Girls and women events and training in Nigeria.

Olayide is the Co-Founder at EDequity a global coalition of partners advancing education and economic equity for women and minorities, leveraging Amazon Web Services, His currently driving the first Global Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge 2020 to Africa, impacting additional 100 girls in his community.

He desires to reach more people through his work, and he is working on advancing his career by taking up a Masters in Science in International Management and Global Business at the University of Limerick.

Olayide needs to strengthen his skills and get equip to prepare girls in Africa for the Future of Work.

How Can You Help?
Please I want you to consider donating to support him on this cause. If you can’t then please share it on social media or to anyone who you think could be of help.


Donate here

Reach out to Olayide on: +234 806 049 4571 or +234 814 249 0772

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