5 Tools You Need in Generating Content Ideas

Constantly coming up with contents for your blog, podcast, YouTube channel… can be quite stressful sometime.

Recently, I learnt about four things you should keep in mind when generating content ideas, they are:

  • What are your audience personas’ reading habits?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What are people talking about on Quora?
  • What can you learn from your search engine optimization efforts?

In this blog, I’ll not be going in depth as regards those four questions. Instead, I’ll show you five tools that can enable you to create compelling and relevant contents consistently!


Quora is a fantastic community, especially to determine what type of information people are looking for around a particular subject.

The platform allows you to search by topic, and displays the most popular questions (or threads) around each topic.

Questions being asked on Quora can lead to some really great content ideas.


On Google Trends you get to explore what the world is searching for.

It gives you detailed data on news, searcher trends, and trending stories.

It’s a data visualization and storytelling tool that exposes the details behind supply and demand and public interest and perception. It gives you the ability to analyze and track behavior over time.


They are various sites that are referred to as title generators. Personally, I use Tweak Your Biz. An outstanding title can boost engagement on your content, it will also give you an idea of what content to create.

Depending on the root keyword (or topic) you entered, the Keyword Planner tool can generate hundreds of ideas. Of course not all of the suggestions will make for good content pieces, so you’ll need to comb through the results looking for potential topics ideas that you can easily write about, support your brand goals and your target audience is interested in.


The right keywords can take your content in front of the right audience, and Google Keyword Planner is helps you to leverage the right keywords so as to boost your search engine optimization.


Yes! Your audience can help a lot in creating content ideas; this is not a a technical tool but it’s very important. Developing content based your audience feedback can go along way in creating engagements.

If you have a search feature on your website, check out the data and look for reoccurring search terms or questions to generate content ideas visitors to your site will find helpful, interesting, or valuable.

So, I’ll stop at this fifth tool; we have other countless tools that can boost your content ideation and marketing but these are my favourites. Always take out time to create contents that will serve as answers to the questions your audience are asking, the needs the have and information they’re lacking.

Be digitally productive.

What tools do you use in generating content ideas?


1. The Elements of STYLE – William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

The classic writer’s handbook, this gives you the golden rule for writing and digital writing: Omit unnecessary words. More than that, it encourages you to write with precision and determination. A must reread at least once a year for any writer.

2. Secrets of Master Content Creators – Grace Christos

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5 thoughts on “5 Tools You Need in Generating Content Ideas”

  1. This blog post, though short is detailed

    I often don’t use Title Generator for cu rating my blog post, but with a quick k glance on their site, I might just consider using it too.

    I recommend quora also, it is one great place to generate traffic and content ideas. Also, the words of your audience is important. Other sites I can recommend is Pinterest, Google search console and Moz keyword planner. They are highly useful

    I also used Keyword everywhere extension tool. It is really helpful once you have an idea of what you want to blog about.

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