Three Things Every Content Creator Needs To Know.


Content Creation requires a lot of creativity. To create a content that will achieve maximum impact requires a lot of work. In this blog, I’ll share three out of the many components every creator should take note of while creating content.

Oh, what’s Content Creation?
Content creation is the process of creating and distributing content fit for specific audiences in relatable forms. These relatable forms can be; audio, video, text, photos…

From the definition you can observe a few components, let me point out three:

Why are you creating the content?
What will it do for your audience or market?

When you define the reason why you are writing the blog, recording that podcast or vlog; it gives you clarity as regards what to do and what not to do.

It’s important that you have an objective! Why are you doing what you are doing?

Who needs the information? You need to define who your audiences are. It gives clarity to the kind of content you’ll create and put out. In defining your audience, it’s necessary for you to acquaint yourself with the register of that particular audience.

For instance, if you are writing a journal for Medical Students, it will not be wise for you to use a register that is more akin to the legal sector. Learning will not take place effectively.

Where are the audience found?
Where can you distribute your information for them to easily see?

You might create valuable content but if you use the wrong platform to share it, they’re tendencies that it will not reach your target audience.

What form of content did you create? It won’t be wise for you to create a video content and share on Medium instead of YouTube or any other video content platform.

It’s important to note the best distribution channel for your content.

Always remember that, no matter how much effort you put in, some creators are better than others. Why the difference? The level of learning that one puts is greater than the other.

If you want to consistently produce relevant contents that will achieve massive impact, you need to learn as much as you can!

Learn and practice! That’s the key.

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