Building A Thriving Community Through Joint Action: My Tudun Wada Story

It is believed that you are not yet conversant with Jos until you can describe the location of the ever popular Tudun Wada which according to many, harbors the good; the bad and the ugly. Tudun Wada is a very large community that plays host to over 38 “hamlets” and also has an atmosphere for peaceful co-existence amongst people of different tribes, religion, socioeconomic status and ethnic background. The community has quite a number of interesting and untapped tourist sites such as the Mado tourism, the “Rafin maza” amongst others. Trust me, if you happen to visit Jos and forget to pass through Tudun wada then you simply just took a stroll!

While growing up as a child on the streets of Tudun wada, I learnt quite a number of life lessons and all these were birthed from the different experiences I encountered. Considering the scarcity of water in my community, we had to wake up every morning by 4am to head to the well and at some point, when the scarcity got intense, we had to wake up even earlier. I still remember one faithful day my sister and I had to wake up by 2 AM, just to make sure we got to a “big well” located at a nearby area called “Angwan Zion Guys” before anyone, you will be shocked that upon our arrival we met a young lady already fetching water from the well, sincerely we were as shocked as you are right now. While trying to settle down I just couldn’t but wonder how the lady got there at that time, my concerns were; what time she slept and what time she woke up to have made it to the well before 2am. But then I thought, come on its Tudun wada, this should not be a surprise!


I still remember how the transformer at Tudun Wada park will spark and that will mean no light for several weeks and at some point even months, today as I see everyone having the #DontLeaveMeChallenge I just smile while remembering how some few years ago when the “Angwa’s” in my community were always engaged in a #NoLightChallenge and how every dry season we are left with no options but to participate in the #NoWaterChallenge too. It has not been a funny moment but all these have not stopped us from becoming who we are, because we strongly believe that our Tudun Wada will be great again.

My community has many challenges, aside the lack of water we have also experienced high rates of teenagers getting involved with various social vices which later results to several episodes of drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, getting locked up behind bars and in some cases; death. We have also had cases of female teenagers undergoing unsafe abortion in the “Lungu’s” and “Korror’s” which is almost in every corner of Tudun wada. Don’t get me wrong, many good things have come out of Tudun Wada we have had great men and women who were born and bred in Tudun wada, we have produced political leaders, international footballers, Academic Professors, high ranking military personnel, musicians, great clergy men, amazing doctors, exceptional medical laboratory scientists, engineers, pharmacist, nurses and just so much more. We have a reputation for greatness and that’s exactly why we are not letting these societal ills define who we are, no matter the challenges we face as a community we are still keen on making sure that we rise against all odds to defend the plans we have for the Tudun wada of our dreams. We have acknowledged the challenges in the community and through joint action, some highly motivated and well spirited team of young people in the community have commenced efforts to establish a community library in Tudun wada (The Tudun Wada Community Library) which will provide a safe space for teenagers and youths to read, think and innovate ideas for their development. We strongly believe that by building and sustaining this library project parents in Tudun wada can have their young teenagers engaged in academic, creative and innovative activities which will keep them away from the social vices ravaging the streets and that with time we can successfully produce a generation of enlightened, highly educated and skilled professionals cutting across different professions.

Every community has what it takes to eliminate the societal ills that is resident in its environs, community development is most effective through joint action. We never saw any change in Tudun Wada until we took a joint action through platforms like the Tudun wada vigilante unit, the Tudun wada Youth Forum, the Tudun Wada broadcast, Tudun Wada community initiatives, Black warriors football club also known as Nike Boys, Tudun wada Football Academy, Young Stars Football club, Lucmarae Media and many more which were initiated by different individuals of different ethnic background with the aim of projecting the untapped potentials hidden in Tudun wada. A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson says “What we fear of doing most, is what we most need to do”. Most times we know what to do in order to curb that social vice tormenting the community, we know what to do in order to keep our environment clean and hence stay healthy, but yet we keep waiting for someone else to initiate the idea which we already have in our head, we always have that “What will people say” kind of feeling which limits us and yet we step out and feel sorry for ourselves because we still face these challenges every morning when we head out and we still get disturbed by them every evening when we return home and in worst scenarios we end up becoming victims of the problems we fail to address.

Going forward, trends like #TwadBreed #BornAndBroughtUpInTwad amongst others have also helped to nurture community consciousness in the minds of each member of the community. You cannot successfully change the perspectives of a community until you are able to change the perspectives of its residents about their community. This is a call to take responsibility and commit to changing the narratives of your community, building a thriving community is not the responsibility of the government but of all the residents of such a community, you are the wearer of the shoe, you know better where it hurts. As a community we are united and determined to create a positive change in our community, we have started making efforts in this regard and we are seeing results emanate from our little commitments. It is the responsibility of everyone in Tudun wada to build and support the growth of the community, through community joint action, you too can make your community great again but first you must understand that your community is not necessarily where you’re from but rather where you reside right now. You must take a bold step forward if you so desire to make a difference!

Written by,
Odinaka Kingsley Obeta
Medical Lab. Scientist | Community & Youth Developer | Nat. Project Lead, Block Malaria Project


Facebook/LinkedIn: Odinaka Kingsley Obeta
Twitter/Instagram: @Obetaodinaka

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12 thoughts on “Building A Thriving Community Through Joint Action: My Tudun Wada Story”

  1. Awolusi Isreal

    Its indeed very enlighten, educative and mind driven.
    “We are united, determined to create positive change. So let’s start making progress now by using our effort through our little commitments, it is our responsibility to build and support the growth of our communities and Nation at large. ”

    So let’s all take that bold step now.


  2. This is really interesting and’s great to know that passionate young people within the community have been able to change the perspective of the community members towards positive changes and the community members were supportive and united in implementing the changes in the community.

  3. Nwatu Onyinye Chukwuma

    Tudun Wada is indeed blessed because out of it came forth you, Odinaka Kingsley Obeta and many great others. I say this because you are a change maker and a wonderful nation builder. God bless Tudun Wada and bless you always. Amen!

  4. Joy Pam-Hworo

    This is truly an inspiring story.
    I like the way the Tudun wada youths are intentional about curbing social vices in the community and making it a safe space.
    From this story, it is clear that it’s not about where you come from but where you’re going.

    Long live Tudun wada!
    Long live Plateau State!

  5. Ebenezer Ekunke

    This is really educative and inspiring, to see how young community leaders come together to develop the community.
    We must indeed take away the mentality of “what people would say” and have the mentality of “what people would benefit fro the idea and initiative you have to develop your community ”
    If we can all strive to see the good come out of our various communities of residence, then Nigeria is just one step away from global development. By saving a community at a time, we save the nation at large.
    No matter how undeveloped a community is right now,something good will still come out of it if the young ones come together to work towards it and put an end to the bad names.

    So today,let us rise and take a course forward on developing our communities with that idea we have,no matter how shallow you think it is,share it with someone and you will see the potentials of impacting a thousand lives

  6. Atsen Oliver Azi

    “We always have that “What will people say” kind of feeling which limits us and yet we step out and feel sorry for ourselves because we still face these challenges every morning ”

    Well Captured Sir.


  7. Ozigi Mishael Onimisi

    Indeed, An inspiring story.. Out of it came forth you meaning even in the worst of places, Great things and outcomes can still be achieved. Thank God for the lives of the youths there. Indeed, its not just about where you coming from, but where you’re headed!

    Long live TudunWada
    Long live Plateau state

  8. Ozigi Onimisi Mishael


    Its amazing how young people have taken it upon themselves to change the perspective of their community from bad to great!.
    An inspiring story indeed… Because out of it came forth you! Meaning even in the worst of places, great outcomes/things can still be achieved.

    God bless Tudun wada
    God bless Jos, Plateau state!!!

  9. Enenu Faith Ijaguwa

    This is so inspiring.

    “We have a reputation for greatness and that’s exactly why we are not letting these societal ills define who we are, no matter the challenges we face as a community we are still keen on making sure that we rise against all odds to defend the plans we have for the Tudun wada of our dreams.”

    When we rise to take initiative,great things begin to happen!

    Cheers to the Tudun Wada of our dreams!

  10. Wow..! What a very coherent and articulate piece about Tudun Wada.
    Odinaka is someone I know that has genuine passion for community service. Communities make up a town and then a city, therefore, if mindset of community inhabitants is change, the resultant effect will be a positively transformed cities followed by a well transformed nation.

  11. Daniel Minaan Daniella

    This is beautiful and so inspiring sir. I’m so blessed. We can do so much by God’s grace to change the narrative.

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