Book Review | Unspoken Promises – Bamidele Opeoluwa

The Unspoken Promises tells the story of teenagers in the Nigerian system and their joining through adolescence, friendship, sexuality and their academics.

Told in straightforward language, Bamidele Opeoluwa was able to original characters and deft storytelling. The book also captures the downs that come with been a teenager, the curiosity to try out a lot of things even if it’s at your peril.

With Unspoken Promises, you don’t always have to learn from your experiences, you can learn from the experience of others who have gone before you as well.

The book highlights some key lessons that teenagers and even adults should pay close attention to. One decision can make a huge impact in your life. What if Jennifer got pregnant after the unprotected sex with Justin?

Get a copy and learn from the fictional but practical story of Justin and his peers.

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