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Influencing Quality Education, Brand Growth, Employability and Personal & Community Development with Digital Tools and the Media

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Improving individuals and communities via EdTech, Digital Tools and the Media.

With my digital productivity podcast and radio show, I teach my audience how to maximize digital tools and resources for impact, influence and income. 


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All times will never be sweet. Update yourself and believe strongly in yourself

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Think you know your customers? You better be more assured than just thinking you do, because your success depends on it! These books will be a guide.

Digital marketing is no longer a luxury or ‘good to have’ option for businesses. It has become a real necessity, especially during the pandemic when consumers are no longer able to interact with brands physically.

desktop, tidy, clean

Many people are intimidated by the thought of starting their own blog, but it isn’t that hard to set up your blog. With the right dedication and smart planning, you can start a blog that will help you quit your day job and make you a significant passive income. Blogging requires no significant risk-taking on your part, but the rewards are truly astonishing if done right.


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Johnstone has been a very hard working fellow, resilient with good working ethics"
Joey Shekwonuzhibo
Lead Podcaster,
Joey Off-Air
Johnstone is extremely skilled, dedicated and visionary. Working with him is always an enjoyable experience; he is an asset
Grace Christos
Editor in Chief, Koinonia - ENI
Johnstone is indeed an exceptional gem in the field of blogging, as a mentor I've seen him express high motivation towards learning and also witness his intentional commitment towards positive growth
Odinaka Kingsley Obeta
National Coordinator, Block Malaria Project
Johnstone is one of the dedicated and intelligent person I know. He is a good writer, content creator and a social media specialist. He has a thing for professional development, so he always seeks out knowledge to develop himself and keep up with current trends"
Benn Benedict Amama
Digital Marketing Consultant
A dedicated and hardworking fellow who is well groomed in social media marketing and technology. Johnstone is a sure bet for technology advancement and the use of social media for social good.
Esther Ivy Felix
Signed Writer - Opera News

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